e-coaching guidelines


  1. Book your session via my Gmail address.  If you are a new client, please contact me prior to booking.
  2. List a maximum of two (2) pieces in the ‘repertoire notes’ section; if you are working on anything besides standard operatic arias, please email PDFs of your pieces to my Gmail address immediately upon booking.
  3. In one (1) to two (2) business days before your scheduled session, I will record and email you a link to accompaniment tracks of your pieces and send you a Zoom meeting invite.
  4. Please record yourself singing along to the accompaniment track(s) and share the audio or video file(s) via link from the platform of your choice (YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive); alternatively you may also email audio-only recordings to my Gmail address.
  5. During the first 20 minutes of your booked session, I will listen to the recordings and make all of my coaching notes, concentrating on musical style, phrasing, and diction.
  6. During the last 40 minutes of your booked session, we will do a face-to-face chat via Zoom and I will discuss my notes with you; we can also engage in some light musical feedback during this time, as we would in a standard coaching.  It is helpful to have a piano, keyboard, or tablet keyboard nearby for this portion of the session.


  • Can I coach more than two pieces per session?
    • In a standard 60-minute coaching we would normally cover one (1) to two (2) pieces; due to time and technology constraints, a maximum of two (2) pieces seems appropriate in order to deliver a good level of detail and value.
  • Can I coach an entire role via e-coaching?
    • Because of the frequent amount of stopping/starting and simultaneous music making involved in role coaching, e-coaching is not an ideal platform to work on an entire role at this time; Recitatives and arias from the roles are welcome, though!
  • Can I coach languages or do a career/repertoire consult instead of an e-coaching?
    • Yes!  Let's work on your languages or discuss next career steps/repertoire.  I do 60-minute Zoom sessions for each of these topics.